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The Discovery of America * 1492 * Mundus Novus
Columbus taking possession of the New World


Columbus taking possession of the New World Painting of Christopher Columbus taking possession of the new world. In the painting, Columbus kneels on a rocky coast, with a flag in his left hand and a sword in his right. He is surrounded by European men, some of them bearing flags. In the background, three ships are in the water.

Columbus Departing for his Voyage to the New World This is a beautiful lithograph showing Christopher Columbus as he departs for his voyage to the New World. Queen Isabella, his benefactor, is shown in Royal dress, seein him off at the docks. Columbus’s ships can be seen in the background. This is truly a dramatic, historic illustration of this important event. We are pleased to be able to offer fine art prints of this historic lithograph. Each is hand printed to capture the subtle details of the original. It will make a stunning display when framed and placed in your office or study, creating a unique “Old World” ambiance.

Socrates, an Athenian contemporary of Pericles (c. 470 – 399 B.C.), is a central figure in Greek philosophy. Socrates is known for the Socratic method (elenchus), Socratic irony, and the pursuit of knowledge. Socrates is famous for saying that he knows nothing and that the unexamined life is not worth living. He is also well known for stirring up sufficient controversy to be sentenced to a death that he had to carry out by drinking a cup of hemlock. Socrates had important students, including the philosopher Plato.